Where To Install Your Aircon for Maximum Impact

a courtyard featuring an exterior air-conditioning unit

Where To Install Your Aircon for Maximum Impact

The decision of where to place your air conditioning unit is an important one. Durban-based air conditioning specialists, In the Zone, offers this short, definitive guide to aircon unit positioning.

6 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Spot for Your Airconditioning Unit

The positioning of your unit affects its durability, energy efficiency and overall effectiveness, so it really is worth taking the time to work out exactly the right spot to install it. Keep reading the blog as we reveal the most ideal placement tips to keep in mind for an effective airconditioning experience.


Understanding the Determining Factors of Aircon Unit Placement

When choosing the right place for your air conditioning unit in any room in the house, there are four main things that you should consider:

1. Consider the Room’s Ventilation & Location of Windows

The way the air flows in a room is vital to the positioning of an aircon.

2. Assess the Electrical Appliances & Lights in the Room

Appliances generate heat as they operate, and this makes affects your aircon’s workload. The number and positioning of these appliances is thus an important factor when placing your aircon. You should also leave these appliances off when possible to ease your unit’s job.

3. Factor in the Floor Type

A room’s atmosphere and temperature are undoubtedly affected by the kind of floor you have. A carpeted room tends to stay warmer for longer than one with a tiled floor, for instance.

4. Account for the Height of the Ceiling

It’s always best to position the unit quite near to the ceiling. Cool air will always sink, so a higher positioning will ensure that it is distributed more widely and evenly.


All of these factors will affect the functioning of your aircon to greater or lesser degrees. They will also play a role in determining where the indoor unit should be placed.

Room-Specific Aircon Unit Placement Considerations

With these general factors in mind, where do you place your aircon in a particular room? Broadly speaking, aircon units should be placed as close to the center as possible to ensure that it cools a room evenly and fully. That applies as much in the bedroom as in the lounge. But when it comes to specific room placements, consider the following tips:

1. The Bedroom

The unit should be placed where the air does not flow directly over the bed. Having cold airflow over your body throughout the night as you sleep is not healthy and can simple be uncomfortable and disrupt a decent night’s sleep. Instead, place the unit on the wall over the bed head, but off to one side of the bed.

2. The Lounge

Install the unit in such a way that the airflow is directed towards
where you sit. Living areas are often difficult to insulate fully as there usually several entrances and exits, as well as a fairly large floor space, which means that, even with an aircon unit going full blast, it can be hard to regulate the temperature throughout the room. So, it’s best to have the cold air blowing directly on you and/or your visitors so everyone is sure to stay cool.

These are general guidelines and for the best aircon unit positioning plan for your house, it’s best to consult the experts directly.

Avoid the Hassle & Chat to ITZ – the HVAC Experts

If you’re looking to install a new aircon system, contact In the Zone and we will be able to recommend the best units for home, as well as help you choose exactly the right place for them.